Critics' PickC

~Anna Deavere Smith


~Cheryl O'Donnell


~Kim Connolly


~Michelle Wing


~Dr. Davina Kotulski

"I CRIED and LAUGHED HARD (OUT LOUD) many times!"

~Cheryl O'Donnell

- Tamara Cover

"Oh. My. God. What an incredible evening. I fear that mere words can not adequately describe how compelling, funny, memorable, touching, and satisfying this entertainment is."
-Ken Gallegos, Executive Director, Human Resources San Rafael City Schools

I saw some of the best drama I've seen in ages - and the actors were all kids. ... as they stand on stage with their words of compassion and fear, bewilderment and hope, yearning and dreams... This is the sort of drama that should get extended runs, playing to audiences around the country, with kids from Kansas and Louisiana and Alaska taking on these roles. This is about opening hearts, one audience member, one cast member, at a time."
"Get in your cars (or hop a plane) and go see 'Prop 8 Love Stories'. Brian Glenn Bryson, director and creator, along with an amazingly talented group of kids have developed an awesome piece of theater and it is not to be missed."
-Jennifer Light, President of Bay Area Creative Services Staffing firm, Berkeley

I cannot begin to tell you how many ways it touched me. I laughed and cried several times in the evening. It was truly amazing. This is one of those once in a lifetime shows that should tour the high schools. Thank you for your brilliant work. I will never forget it.
-Kim Connolly, Clinical Program Manager, Braun School

"I just got back from this--man, what an AMAZING show! Definitely seeing again :)"
- Grace Asheley Welch, Casa Grande H.S. Student, Petaluma

"Do yourself a favor and go see this amazing marriage equality play - great for the whole extended family or also a romantic date night - whether LGBT or S - it is written and performed by the most talented teenagers you will ever see with original music - I promise - you WILL thank me for telling you to go."

- Molly McKay Attorney & Civil Rights Activist / Interviewee, Oakland

"Brilliant. Youth theater that is surprisingly heartful and well crafted. Please go."

- Melecio Estrella, Professional Dancer / Interviewee, Oakland

"We were blown away! You all have created an important work and I want to help it reach as wide an audience as possible."
-Gary Carnivele, Outbeat Radio KRCB 91FM

"A thoroughly professional, polished production that is touching, thought-provoking, and humorous." - Nancy Wilson, MENSA member

The play is AMAZING. I wanted to smooch every one of those kids' faces. Thank you for creating such a hopeful work of art!

-Angela Garcia, Social Worker/Interviewee, Petaluma

Great work!!! I think it's the next Laramie Project.

- Dr. Davina Kotulski, Psychologist / Interviewee, Oakland

"Fabulous!!! It was most
profound and awe-inspiring! Loved the whole experience! Can't wait to see it again!"
- Tamara Cover, Petaluma

Photography by Rosemarie Lion/ www.LionPhotography.com

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